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Major sporting events are a cause for excitement and are a celebration of sporting excellence. We have just had the Winter Olympics and this month the Commonwealth Games take place on the west coast of Australia. The football World Cup will follow hot on its heels, together with many other sports which are having World or European Championships.

There are many opportunities to celebrate great sporting performances and achievements. Celebrations are not just to confined to the participants, but the family and friends will join in. Then there are the fans, some of whom may have had a wager on the outcome of a sporting encounter, and have benefitted financially from the result.

I expect most of you can recall some iconic sporting events that has led to great rejoicing. The summer of 1966 is still vivid in my memory. The whole country, football supporters or not, celebrated that famous victory. It was front page, back page and centre page in all newspapers. The television news only...
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Once more, we find ourselves in the top few places in the division, and there's no question that the whole club is aiming for that promotion.

The squad put together by Dowse is possibly one of the strongest the club has ever seen and will be a solid unit in this last month of the season.

As well as the core line up of permanently registered players, the loan players Alan has brought in have been quality throughout.

Seny Dieng from QPR, Shandon Baptiste and Sam Long from Oxford Utd plus Shaun Jeffers have all added that extra quality that has helped the Beavers get to the position they're in.

All bar Sam Long will be with the club right through the playoffs, but unfortunately Sam's 93 days on short term loan will be up on April 21st, which is the away match at St Albans City.

As this is an FA rule and not a League one, this would be that Sam would not be able to play against Truro City or any play off match that club would be involved in.

The player would love to stay and...
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It used to be said that for any sports person to be selected to represent their country was the pinnacle of their career. I am not so sure that is the case anymore. For some time, there has been a club v country debate, especially when a player returns from international duty with an injury.

Top footballers are paid vast sums and the stakes are high in the top leagues, so when one of their star employees arrives back at his club unfit there is some understandable anguish. With the final international break taking place just before the final “run in” clubs that have players away on international duty will be hoping they all returned unharmed.

I am sure any player who has been selected to wear their country’s shirt is proud to do so, especially when they hear their national anthem being played. In times past players were happy to continue representing their country until no longer required. Now they “retire” from international duty!!

This comes back to the club v country debate. A...