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Individual awards in team sports, such as “Man of the Match” or “Player of the month”, can appear to go against the team ethic. Is the hard running midfielder, whose work goes largely unnoticed, any less important to the team than the goalkeeper who makes a string of top draw saves or the striker who finds the net on a regular basis? Such awards tend to go to the players who get noticed.

In individual sports, for example, boxing, athletics or tennis, it is much more straight-forward to decide who is the best. It is a one on one competition and the winner is the best on that day. If a sportsperson is the best in the world, at their sport they alone are crowned champion.

Now I know that many individual champions will declare that they could not have achieved that status without the considerable backing of their support staff, and rightly so. But ultimately it is skill and determination of the athlete that has made them a champion. Anthony Joshua is on his own once he climbs into...
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As you are aware, we have lost numerous games to the weather recently, including the first team fixture against Hungerford Town on Saturday.

Taking this into consideration, we have decided that the pitch is to be used for the 1st team only until further notice.

I appreciate this is a disappointing situation but I’m sure you’ll all understand that we want to protect the pitch and ensure we have the best possible playing surface available for our promotion push.

The result of this is that, unfortunately, the Academy and Ladies teams will be playing their fixtures at alternative venues and we would therefore advise any supporters looking to attend their matches to refer to the club website for updated information on a match-by-match basis.

Again, we appreciate your understanding and thank you for your ongoing support of all our HRBFC teams.

Jacques Le Bars

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Following the overnight rain, a referee's inspection this morning has decided that the pitch at Beveree is not fit, and so the match will be postponed to a later date due to waterlogging.

When the date for the rescheduled game is known, we'll let you all know.

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