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Discussion in 'Hampton and Richmond Borough FC Unofficial Forum' started by Les 1949, Jun 11, 2019.

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    This is probably the best time to be around the ground of an evening just before the pre season gets underway. Watching players coming in to sign on, full of enthusiasm for a new season. They have had 6 weeks without football and are eager to back into it.
    And no, I am not telling who has been in tonight and have signed on, you will have to wait for the announcements;)
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  2. Lord Elpus

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    You old tease...
  3. Les 1949

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  4. Rob Overfield

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    I just love this time of year... :D
  5. The wording on the press release about new players is joyous.

    “...who’ll be wearing red and blue in August”.

    But just August when they realise how much they’ll be getting paid for the season.
  6. SteveM

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    Nobody asked, must be the least anticipated season in living memory
  7. Regretfully you might be right, up to six players is what I read, sure several will be from last season’s team , probably several who followed Gary from Hendon.
    If six that makes eight , still need several more.
  8. Just looked at the poll that was done at the end of last season, ignoring the players who were on loan or have left, with the exception of Hill most of the others had few votes!
  9. Strangely perhaps I am just as excited as usual - having done a massive recalibration of expectations after the budget news . Staying up on possibly the lowest budget in the league would be a terrific achievement and I'm looking forward to next season in a complete underdog kind of way - shades of Blackpool in the Premier league.
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  10. TW3Beaver

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    Reading various other news sources it would appear that several clubs in the division are cutting their cloth accordingly.

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