1. We seem to be moving towards an easing in the lockdown regulations and I note that several clubs are starting to invite supporters to ground maintenance sessions.
    Are there any similar plans for Beveree to take advantage of the extended closed season. Obviously taking every precautions as allowed.
  2. Les 1949

    Les 1949 Member

    Beveree may have been closed off to the general public but it has not been left to its own devices.

    Work has been ongoing at Beveree during the lockdown - but in what are now called 'bubbles'.

    Richard Curtis has been maintaining the pitch, including re-seeding. It looks in excellent condition.

    Tracey and Jason have been involved in re-decorating Hammonds Bar.

    Tracey's brother,has been stripping back and painting the access stairs to the hospitality box. Currently he is painting the 'Blue Boxes' (Club Shop and outside loos).

    The Club Shop has been divided internally to provide an area for Tracey to use as an office.

    The ground is looking very tidy and could host a game tomorrow! Though there may have to be a number of operational changes to allow spectators in.

    Tracey, Melissa and Nigel have been organising the Food Bank donations and deliveries for the whole of the lockdown.

    Next week, I plan to join in my own 'bubble' tidying up the garden areas and approach to the main entrance, now that restrictions have eased..
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  3. Thanks Les for the update. It is nice to get updates during this long time without football.
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  4. tracey

    tracey Member

    yessssss we have got Les back!!! Your lillies are calling
  5. tracey

    tracey Member

    Thanks Les, yes it’s been a busy time whilst in lockdown. Doing as much as we can with what we have. The list is ongoing!
    Decorating of the Internal toilets are next on Jason’s never ending list!
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