Bike Ride for 'Boost the Budget'

Discussion in 'Hampton and Richmond Borough FC Unofficial Forum' started by Æthelbehrt the Woebegone, Jun 11, 2019.

  1. I'm planning on cycling to an away game in the early part of next season to raise money for the playing budget, much in the same vein of Alec and Chris's walk to Dartford last year. I know at least one other fan who is also a bit of a cyclist is going to be joining me, but if anyone else wants to get involved, well, the more the merrier.

    The destination will be decided on once the fixtures have been released, but to make it worthwhile and enough of a challenge, we will be aiming for something around 100 miles. Weymouth is the longest at about 140 miles, Bath is about 115 miles, Chippenham about 100, then there is a glut of clubs between 60 and 80 miles (Eastbourne, Havant, Hungerford, Oxford, Braintree) so we'd have to be a bit creative with the route. Defintely going to involve some hills (but not too many, I don't like them). Hopefully the computer gives us something suitable in August or September. If it goes well, then we might do another later in the season.

    Let me know if you want to get involved, I'll post more information when there are firm plans in place.
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  2. Good initiative that Ethelbert - I fear my knees wouldn't be up to it but will sponsor .
  3. Agree a great initiative.
    I have no idea what our scheme raises each season, but I suspect it is not as much as many clubs. I read that Hendon have already got over £6k towards their target of £16k. Darlington have raised over £80 k this season!
  4. New Convert

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    I would be keen to do the cycle as long as we left enough time as I am a commuter cycler rather than a lycra pro. I have dreamnt of cycling to all league games in a season!!
  5. Josh

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    Great idea, good luck to all involved!
  6. davc

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    Deffo sponsor you..
  7. Although I do love the lycra, I'm not exactly in tippity top shape. It will certainly be a very early start.

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