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    During the last couple of weeks or so the subject of a mid-season break has been aired again. Although this coincided with “the beast from the east” weather system arriving on our shores our winter climate was not the only issue under consideration.

    It would be very difficult to decide when to
    take such a break purely based on our unpredictable weather. If the leagues thought that the last two weeks of January would be the best time for a rest, you can bet “your bottom dollar” that the worst weather of the winter would follow immediately after, which would lead to a big fixture pileup!!

    Another reason a break is being considered is player welfare. Player fatigue, following the hectic festive schedule is being cited as a reason for the increase of injuries after that period. Now I know there is a train of thought that suggests that professional players ought to able to manage the work load, after all their predecessors coped years ago. But the game has moved on. Players have become fitter and stronger and therefore physical challenges and the knocks that go with them can be more damaging.

    Apparently, any such changes would not come into force until the next round of live TV negotiations start, which I believe is in 2021/2. Maybe it is not only the players’ welfare and weather that are the driving factors in this proposed change!!

    Almost all the lower league clubs have been forced to take a mid-season break recently because of the terrible weather we experienced, which cancelled our trip to the seaside at Poole. But for our players who have been carrying knocks in recent weeks, it may have proved to be a good opportunity to rest up and recharge their batteries. Let’s hope the short break did the trick.

    Taking a break from our usual routine is something we all need to do from time to time otherwise we risk burning ourselves out. In many work places taking a lunch break is often frowned upon. I remember from my time at American Express the days when I took a lunch time break (because lunch is for wimps we were told) I felt the benefit from walking away from my desk.

    Jesus, during His ministry, recognised the need to get away from the crowds of people that followed him around. In the accounts of His life there are several references to Him getting away from it all by going into the hills to be quiet.

    Right at the beginning of the Bible we read the story of creation, which states that when God had finished His handy work, he rested. Now if it’s good enough for the Almighty to take a break, who am I to argue. Now I’ve finished this I’m off for a lie down!!

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