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    It used to be said that for any sports person to be selected to represent their country was the pinnacle of their career. I am not so sure that is the case anymore. For some time, there has been a club v country debate, especially when a player returns from international duty with an injury.

    Top footballers are paid vast sums and the stakes are high in the top leagues, so when one of their star employees arrives back at his club unfit there is some understandable anguish. With the final international break taking place just before the final “run in” clubs that have players away on international duty will be hoping they all returned unharmed.

    I am sure any player who has been selected to wear their country’s shirt is proud to do so, especially when they hear their national anthem being played. In times past players were happy to continue representing their country until no longer required. Now they “retire” from international duty!!

    This comes back to the club v country debate. A player wants to earn as much as he or she can for as long as they are able. So for them it makes sense to do whatever they can to prolong their club careers. The international break then becomes an opportunity for a rest.

    This issue only affects the players that are good enough to be selected in the first place. Not every English footballer will get to wear “The Three Lions”, no matter how much they would like to. Selection is a matter for the manager and his team, although you can be forgiven for thinking it is the media who decides who is worth a call up.

    A club manager has a similar problem. He makes his selection based on availability and form. Others may have their opinions, but in the end it is down to one person. Dowse can only select sixteen players each match, to wear the shirt. Others may wear replica shirts and some may think they are good enough to be selected, but it is only those who have had the shirt issued to them can represent the team.

    Non selection can be hard to take, especially for a player who appears to be overlooked each week. It can have a big effect on their confidence and they could start to doubt their ability. A manager is very unlikely to select a player who doesn’t deserve to be picked.

    There is one “kit” that no one deserves to wear and yet everyone has the opportunity to put it on. The “kit” is whiter than white and only those who are absolutely perfect can wear it, but no one is. The “manager” has a problem, as He wants all His “team” to wear it, so He sent His son onto the pitch, who sacrificed His own life, for our imperfections. All who accept this act will be able to wear Heaven’s All White Strip. Have you got your name on the shirt yet?

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