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    Spring has sprung, or so we are told, but you hardly know it given the weather we have experienced in recent weeks. This is the season of the year when we witness some annual sporting events that require great endurance.

    The boat race, which is a 4 ½ mile test on the river Thames, has already taken place. The Grand National takes place today (14th April) and is a trial of stamina for both rider and horse, as they tackle 30 fences over a 4 mile course. Then on Sunday 22nd April the London Marathon will see nearly 40,000 runners step up to the start line to negotiate 26.2 miles around the streets of the capital.

    All these and many more events like them are a stern examination of an individual’s will and determination to complete the course. A high level of endurance is required, just to be ready to take part. Months and, in some cases, years of preparation and training is needed.

    During this period of preparation there are bound to be times of doubt, but when these occur it’s a case of digging in and getting through a difficult time. Doubt can then be replaced by self-belief that the end aim can be achieved.

    It has been said many times that a football season is much more like a marathon than a sprint. The 2017/18 “marathon” is entering the final stages, but for some the finishing line seems to be getting further away. For others, especially those who are facing relegation, the line seems to be approaching far too quickly, as the number of games to gain the necessary number of points is diminishing rapidly.

    It’s important to make sure that players have enough “in the tank” for the final few games. In the Grand National the horses still have another 494 yards to run, once they have jumped the final fence. If they run out of stamina they may end up getting pipped at the post.

    Dowse was quoted as saying that some of our lads were “shot to bits” after the defeat at Concord. Maybe the terrific effort they have put in over the season has taken its toll.

    Life can be like that at times. Circumstances and situations can overtake us, leaving us feeling drained and exhausted, almost to the point of giving up. Life has its ups and downs and it is how well we handle the downs, will often determine how our “season” finishes.

    The Apostle, Paul wrote several letters to the early churches. In them there are several references to “running the race”, with instructions to some on how to do it. Paul endured much hardship in his life and spent a good deal of time in prison, so he knew a fair bit about the “downs” of life. In one of his letters he urged the readers “not to grow weary or lose heart”. We all need the “gift” of endurance to enable us to do that!!

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