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    Well I can definitely say that this will be my last “Chaplain’s Corner” for 2017/18. There can be no more matches after this one!! In my first column of the season I ended by saying ”Let’s hope for another exciting season.” This has certainly been our experience. In fact, here at H&RBFC we rarely have a season that drifts aimlessly to its conclusion.

    It was recently pointed out that this current campaign is our 7th at this level and this is the 4th time we have taken part in the play-off semi- finals and the 3rd time we have managed to reach the final. Quite an achievement, I think we would all agree.
    I am still not convinced that the play-off system is a fair way to conclude a season that has stretched over 9 months. Fair or not it certainly keeps more teams involved as the finale approaches.

    Excitement, nervous, elation and despair are some of the emotions that are experienced by all those associated with the clubs who have reached this nail biting climax. Whether you agree or not with the concept of the play-offs, they are now an established part of the football calendar.
    For those teams above us in the football pyramid, reaching the play-off final means a day out at Wembley. But for ourselves and Braintree the deciding fixture is taking place at the humble surroundings of our Accord Beveree Stadium. The outcome of the game will determine which one of us will be plying their trade on the first rung of the national ladder.

    Where you come from and your surroundings are not the most important thing. What is important is to make the most of what you have. Compared with some other stadiums in our league our facilities may seem a little meagre, but we certainly make the most of what we have. In fact, many away supporters have really enjoyed their visit, mainly due to the warm welcome they receive, which is a great credit to those involved.

    Jesus was bought up in the small town of Nazareth. His “dad” was a humble carpenter, so no wonder people where more than a bit sceptical at the start of His ministry. John, in his account of Jesus picking His first disciples, quotes a guy called Nathanael, who when a couple of his mates told him about Jesus of Nazareth said, “Can anything good come from there?”

    When Nathanael eventually met Jesus face to face he acknowledges Him as “The Son of God”. What would you say if you met Jesus face to face? Just the son of a carpenter, or the “King of Kings”.

    The Beavers may be a small village team from South West London, but with big ambitions. It’s all about using what you have been given. Jesus was given 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish and He fed 5,000 people. What can we achieve in our humble surroundings?

    Enjoy the next couple of months. We’ll soon be back!!

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