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  1. TW2-Beaver

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    Dorking 60
    Hampton 59.81

    (I think?)

    Oh well. Roll on next season!
  2. Lord Elpus

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    Not surprised by it really. Will be very interesting to see next season if Wealdstone are as big a club as they're always telling everyone. My suspicion is that they'll find it much tougher than they think. Look at our game against Yeovil, where we barely had a sniff, and we beat Wealdstone!
  3. They’ll have to do a lot of frantic groundwork ahead of the new season; that ground is barely adequate for the NLS... Money spent on that means less for players. Definitely think we’ll see them in 12 months time.
  4. SteveM

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    That must be a record for smallest margin by which a club has missed out on a playoff place (on a Wednesday) — amazing achievement by Gary and the lads. Think I’ll celebrate appropriately with a pint of the black stuff next time we’re at the Bev
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  5. Lord Elpus

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    Certainly was a great achievement after the start we had. And it was done by trying to play some fast, attacking football too. At this rate, might we dare to hope for a safe playoff place next season?
  6. SteveM

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    Steady on — have a chance if we can keep the squad together though, and yes, should be entertaining along the way too
  7. Unfortunately this is the method that has been applied. Given Dorking ‘s poor form at the end of the season I would have been very confident that we would have passed them with two games in hand.
    As has been stated, we did so well and if we keep the squad together then we should be there or thereabouts next season.
    Hoping for some news on the players front, many teams in our league are announcing retained players and some signings.
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  8. tony

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    I think it’s not a bad thing to stay where we are for next season. With social distancing limiting attendances and the extra costs of travelling and ground improvements, Wealdstone (and indeed many clubs) are going to struggle financially in the NL.

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  9. TW3Beaver

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    Or pass each other.
  10. Wonder why he dropped part of his name? I first came across this piece a few years ago as Bell-Baggie, perhaps he was tired of being a ringer??

    He wants full time, he’ll struggle to get any full-time club in the current climate. I don’t think he’s willing to accept there isn’t going to be as much money around to pay the likes of him.
  11. Hampton mad

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  12. Lord Elpus

    Lord Elpus Member

    Must be a very weird feeling to win the league without being able to properly celebrate with the usual pitch invasion etc.
  13. It’ll suit them, they always like to think they’re different to everyone else.
  14. Lord Elpus

    Lord Elpus Member

    True but in terms of thinking back over the memories you have of supporting your club, it would just be so unmemorable wouldn't it? Like it happened to someone else.
  15. GRTourist

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    I'm a Plymouth Argyle fan, and whilst it felt great to get promoted this season, it was very weird.

    Getting a WhatsApp notification, and checking the website to see we'd been promoted. I had a beer, rang my dad, and then went back to my normal day, just a bit happier!
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