EFL League 2 end regular season

Discussion in 'Hampton and Richmond Borough FC Unofficial Forum' started by RogerSW, Jun 9, 2020.

  1. RogerSW

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  2. RogerSW

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    Reported that National League Board meeting Weds pm 10th.

    If decide placings on average PPG, we're not in the playoffs.

    If decide placings on PPG based on home & away, we're in the playoffs.

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  3. Lord Elpus

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    That's possibly good news for Wealdstone, although it does depend what is decided at the National League meeting tomorrow.
  4. Question is, do we want the playoffs? And when would they take place? Throw in a decision on when to start the new season, and you’ve a process that the League will probably duck.
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    8 positive virus tests in EFL football teams yesterday unfortunately


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  6. TW3Beaver

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    Just been on talkSPORT that they are voting now, and that there probably won't be any Play Offs, but that Kings Lynn and Wealdstone will be promoted to the National.
    Of course that is dependent on the result of the vote.
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  7. Lord Elpus

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    Shame. I was looking forward to the Wealdstone forum exploding with indignation. Oh well, I'd imagine they'll be back down in another year...
  8. RogerSW

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  9. Expect vote will probably just be carried...
  10. Les 1949

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    ...which would probably mean both divisions would have an even number of teams, rather than an odd number..
  11. Josh

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    Surely one division would be one team short, no mater what?
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  12. The whole promotion/relegation process is now a complete mess. Should be all be scrapped and restarted. Null & void is the cleanest option but it’s been avoided to ‘protect the integrity of the competition’. All this horse trading, squabbling and possibility of legal action in some way enhances the competition, does it?

    Let’s face it, and many refuse to, the PL/EFL and to a smaller extent, the National League, are too scared of the paymasters to say no. Many other sports are the same.
  13. Les 1949

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    Within a few hours of what I thought was happening the scenarios all changed - and may change again by the time I have finished typing this.

    I agree, Josh, that the current situation appears to be so, Barrow will be replaced by Stevenage or Macclesfield and if Chorley are relegated and Wealdstone & Kings Lynn go up then someone is going to be unbalanced as no one is coming up from below.

    But, if two teams come down from the EFL and two go up from the NL and relegation/promotion follows the usual pattern between NL N&S and the NL then the divisions will be balanced.

    However, it seems to be imposible for anyone to come up with a solution that will please everybody. Lots of talk of legal action from a number of clubs in North & South who are being deprived of the chance to progress through the play offs, thanks to the latest offerings from the government stating that NL N & S are 'part-time' not 'elite'.

    Clubs have got to look at themselves and think of the broader picture not their own narrow interests.But will they?
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  15. Les 1949

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    Good grief (as Charlie Brown would say). Are we in a vicious circle or in a maze - who knows? Is anyone in the National League in charge or is anyone capable of making a decision and sticking to it.
  16. They seem to have forgotten that the whole reason for having play-offs was to keep alive the last two months of the season for teams in the top half of the league, or even lower. It was a trade-off between the fairness of automatically promoting the team in 2nd and the extra gate receipts created by giving more teams something to play for. As the last two months of the season have been lost this year, the point of the play-offs is no longer valid. The fairest solution would be to promote Havant and York (and Harrogate as well, if their ground is suitable).
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  17. We do have Dick Parsons on the N L board and an ex board member in Brian Barwick (not sure of his title) perhaps they might be able to enlighten you when they can?

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