Enfield away in the Cup.

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  1. We leave the league programe for the Middx Charity Cup game.
    Would expect to see most of the players who were on the bench Saturday to get a run out. Wassamer and Charles as well. Might see the dual registered Solomon and Roberts play. (Roberts has been released by Ks, so is back with us). In addition, might see a couple of the young players also included.
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    I saw T in action last week for K's at Folkestone and he was substituted at half time; to be fair he appeared somewhat frustrated with Ks style of play and on a couple of occasions when he got into decent positions he wasn't given the ball. He seemed to lose his cool 5-10 minutes before the break when another pass eluded him - may have been a tactical substitution, no idea to be honest but he didn't look a happy bunny.
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    EBFC's twitter feed says tonight's match has been called OFF

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    Doesn't seem to be much interest in this game, seeing as it was played tonight.
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    Hampton won 3.1.
  8. Team Gallifant, Jelley, Songanile, Kamara, Cook, Baptiste,Jolley, Randell, Charles, Crawford, Gilberto Abdul
    Subs Casey, Kiernan, McAuley, Kratschmar and Hudson-Odoi.
    Scorers Charles, Crawford, Gilberto Abdul.
    Gallifant got injured and Casey played in goal!
    One up half time, Enfield equalised then we got a couple of late goals.
    No idea who the new player is!
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    Gilberto Abril, trialled pre season at Aldershot, also played for Fleet Town.

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  10. Thanks Tony for info.
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    Not many were interested! I counted a 'crowd' of 40.
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    The biggest cheer of the night was when 'sub goalkeeper' Josh Casey leaped high to take a cross from a corner. Even our bench applauded. No doubt Josh will dine out on that story for weeks to come.
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