Farnborough 2-1 Beavers

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    FRUSTRATING as the outcome proved, Hampton’s seventh (of eight) pre-season games at Southern League Farnborough on Saturday provided manager Gary McCann with more insight into how his final squad will take shape.

    This game – and the previous one at Leatherhead – were a chance for him to give the remaining triallists a good run-out before deciding on who and who doesn’t make the cut.
    The day after the Leatherhead match, he had released four players, including Tom Jelley and Michael Kamara. This time, there were individual discussions with a number of other players following the 2-1 defeat at Cherrywood Road.

    Decisions have to be made in the next three days and we will have a better idea of the team to face Slough next Saturday, in the NL opener, after tomorrow night’s friendly with Barnet.

    Gary will be looking for more ruthlessness than his team showed here. Farnborough were penned in their own half for most of the game, but the Beavers could not make the possession pay off. While home goalkeeper Lenny Pidgeley (ex-Chelsea) lived dangerously at times, the truth was that Hampton’s final pass was not good enough.

    As so often happens on these occasions, Farnborough broke the stranglehold on the stroke of half-time with a spectacular strike from Michael Fernandes, who was being watched by QPR.

    His long-ranger was beyond Tom Lovelock’s despairing dive and, instead of being two goals or more to the better, the Beavers trailed in at half-time a goal behind.

    They put that right just before the hour when Casey Maclaren looped a header over Pidgeley (from Daniel Uchechi’s cross) and we sat back waiting for more to follow. They didn’t and, indeed, Farnborough were emboldened by the substitutions they made.

    Two Hampton defenders and one Farnborough attacker, Liam Enver-Marum, got in a tangle on the edge of the Beavers’ penalty area and Enver-Marum found himself with the ball at his feet in front of an open goal. He couldn’t and didn’t miss.

    Gary made his changes quite late in the game, but they didn’t affect the course of the game as we trailed off looking a bit fed-up with ourselves at 90 minutes.

    Disturbingly, we also picked up a couple of yellow cards, which are rare in these games. Dickson got his for dissent, while Josh McLeod-Urquhart got in a spat with an opponent after being fouled.

    We will be looking for a slightly better standard of refereeing when the real thing starts next Saturday, but to blame the officials for the result would be wide of the mark.

    Hampton: Lovelock; Eggleton (Miller-Rodney), Sprague (Mavila), Wellard, McLeod-Urquhart, Bowry, Roberts (Hippolyte-Patrick), Maclaren, Joseph (Whichelow), Dickson (Obi), Uchechi (Lucien).

    By Richard Parsons

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