Gary McCann extends contract

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  1. Les 1949

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    This from the website....

    The gaffer signs for another two years
    GARY McCann has extended his deal at The Beveree by two years – and can’t wait to tackle the National League South again after his first experience of the division last season. He put pen to paper on Thursday night, almost exactly a year since he was appointed first team manager.

    He said: “I had the news recently that I would be working with a reduced budget, but I’m aware of the efforts being made to improve it and I want to respond to that. I have never been a quitter and I want to take on this challenge. It’s an exciting time.”

    In his first season, Gary achieved a 15th-place finish and took the Beavers to the FA Cup first round with a team he had to build from scratch.

    Chairman Jacques Le Bars, who took over the reins at the weekend following Graham Wood’s departure said: “I have been really impressed with how tirelessly Gary has been working to build the squad for next season, despite the difficult circumstances.

    “I think this extension shows commitment from both the club and Gary to the challenges ahead and provides us with a stable management team going forward.

    “With some of the players signed so far and knowing other targets Gary is chasing I, for one am really excited about next season and cannot wait for it to start!”
  2. Les 1949

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    Gary is now on a family holiday for two weeks leaving his management team in charge, I am not sure if there will be any more announcements of player signing but there are a few more deals bubbling under.

    Meanwhile I will keep on tidying up around Beveree watching the comings and goings!.
  3. nigelandliss

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    Brilliant news. Thought it was a great achievement last season given the difficult circumstances and wish him all the best this season.
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  4. Believe there is another signing to be announced at 8am on Saturday.
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  5. davc

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    Punchy to offer Gary a 2yr contract and a sign of faith. I am sure he learned a lot from last season and I feel pretty confident he will do ok for us this season.
  6. Lord Elpus

    Lord Elpus Member

    Yes, "punchy" isn't a bad description.
    I've been slightly surprised there haven't been more comments on Gary signing up for another two years. The circumstances are surely going to be even more difficult this season though...
  7. hrbfc__fan

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    With our reduced budget if we are sitting rock solid bottom at Christmas we either have to stick with him and get relegated or pay him off to get rid so bold move by the board
  8. Lord Elpus

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    Well that certainly is the risk, and I can't see us paying him off. It's either very bold and supportive or naive.
  9. davc

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    Perhaps Gary insisted on a 2yr deal to continue. If the budget is as low as people say and no real squad left from last season then the job isn’t that attractive.
  10. Richard

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    I think that's a reasonable assumption. If I was Gary I'd be looking for some kind of security given the financial situation.
  11. tony

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    Depends on his contract but if the club wanted to break the contract then the manager would likely be entitled to his contract being paid up in full. That cost would be reduced if he found another role elsewhere.

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  12. I think that Gary released most of last season’s squad because he had players lined up to replace them. He was hit by the budget reduction which altered his plans.
    Whether there is any truth in the Wealdstone connection may indicate that he was unsettled perhaps by the change of Chairman and then the budget cut. These may have initiated a discussion as to a further contract and two years was considered by both parties to give a measure of comfort.

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