Gateshead in trouble

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  1. Les 1949

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    There are strong rumours on various club sites that (including Weymouth) Gateshead FC will be liquidated tomorrow (Wednesday) - there have been a number of issues of late.....players paid late, a chairman who has tried and failed (for whatever reason) to sell the club.

    If this does happen there will be a knock on effect throughout the leagues.....

    Aldershot will not be relegated

    Truro will not be relegated (I am sure everyone will be delighted at that!)

    Basingstoke Town will not be relegated

    Molesey will not be relegated

    A possible sad end to a famous old club - hopefully, if this happens, someone will resurrect the club, albeit at a lower level.
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  2. Lord Elpus

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    I read that they had to find the money by tomorrow, £95,000 or something, not exactly sure. Yes, a real shame. Don't really agree with reprieves though.
  3. BHH

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    Couldnt the national league just have an odd number of teams next season (as would have happened if Gateshead were liquidated during the season) rather than reprieving loads of clubs who weren't conpetitive in their league last season and deservedly relegated.
    Alternatively, why not promote some teams who got screwed over by the restructuring (e.g. Met Police) and reward their good season than another team's awful - but not as awful as one or two other teams' - season

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  4. Mawgan

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    Seems that the news about Gateshead is very matter of fact and involves the postponement of Aldershot's, Truro City's relegation etc.
    Actually it's a bit closer to home for Hampton supporters and our brilliant chairman Graham Wood. Please spare a thought for Graham at this moment in time. He has spent many years trying to re-establish Gateshead as a Football league club at his own expense. What's happening now is just a nightmare.
    What brought it home to me was that Graham mentioned that he watched the 'Heed playing (& beating) Chesterfield about 4 weeks ago, the first time the two clubs have met in a league game for 50/60 years!
  5. BHH

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    Reports from Sunderland Echo suggest it looks as if the supporters have done it! Got paperwork and funds sent before midnight last night to save the club. This means the long line of reprieves aren't necessary and Truro will be going down.

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  6. Mawgan

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    Pleased that Gateshead may survive, BUT they will have to guarantee to be able to play at Conference level. And the bonus might be that we will play the mighty 'Shots again !!!! Better for our travel plans for next season and possibly more money through the turnstiles when they visit!
  7. Mucky knees

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    As the Weaĺdstone raider famously uttered "you've got no fans!"

  8. TW3Beaver

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    Good news that Gateshead have survived, although it probably means almost certain relegation next season.
    Good news that Aldershot are confirmed as relegated, as I still remember their fans Lording it over everyone at the grounds they visited.
    Be nice to people on the way up as you'll meet them on the way down.
    All we need now is for KT Dons to start falling down the leagues.
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    It will just mean a journey to Truro again...

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