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  1. Les 1949

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    This on the website...

    HRBFC Academy receives invitation to join select group

    A NEW initiative for 2019-20 here at the Jezzards Beveree is the gaining of our Academy Licence from the National League.

    It is by invitation only and is designed for progressive academies that meet the league’s criteria for football and further education

    We will be one of only two clubs in Middlesex with the licence, which gives the following benefits:

    • Improved productivity of home-grown players

    • Improved player pathways

    • Protects clubs against losing players

    • Improves playing and coaching standards

    • Improves the standard of competition

    • Offers an U21 games programme (alongside the present U18 and U19 matches) and allows a club to field up to three senior players in a match – perhaps those needing game time or returning from injury

    • Improves the credibility and status of our youth development programme

    • Provides a national competition open only to clubs with the licence.

    Academy manager Steve Bates is excited about the new status as it will allow him to recruit better-quality players, while Gary likes the opportunity offered to give senior players a run-out.
  2. Les 1949

    Les 1949 Member

    Many congratulations to Steve Bates and his coaching/teaching team. What a difference Steve has made to the Academy in less than 12 months!
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  3. Adam

    Adam Member

    Trying to work this out.
    So we have a new u21 team or as I see it a reserve team now. They will play in a national league?

    The other benefit appears to be players protected. Is this similar to pro clubs who receive money for academy players depending on the level of academy.

    Sounds good anyway. I guess this will help attract players.
  4. Sounds good. If we left the Conference South would this have any affect on this project?
  5. Mawgan

    Mawgan Member

    I echo Les's comments. Well done Steve and your 'team', a brilliant step forward to enable us to become a real community club.
    Promotion of the youngsters from the academy with potential to possible first team squad virtually impossible because of the gulf between them only playing U18/19's matches at HRBFC and not having a half-way house to help introduce the lads into adult 'League' football. This could help us to produce our own home grown stars of the future, without them going out on loan to gain experience at a higher physical / skill level (and so most likely to lose them to the 'loan' team). An interesting development which we need to support!!
    Can we have some information as to how its going to be organised and which other teams we are going to be playing against in the development league please.
  6. Adam

    Adam Member

    A tweet by Maidenhead shows that we will be in a league with:
    Boreham Wood
    Weston Super-mare
  7. tony

    tony Member

    That’s a fair bit if travelling and extra cost I guess so hope that makes sense given the budget issues

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  8. cliffp

    cliffp Member

    Isn't the Academy self funding?

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