League Two North and South

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  1. RogerSW

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    Extremely unlikely but
    if National League South positions are based on PPG home and away

    and if playoffs happen (whenever restart is 2020 or 2021 or later) and we win them

    and if League Two merges with National League top division to form League Two North and South

    and if ground gradings deferred

    then we could be a Football League club next season.


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  2. Adam

    Adam Member

    Ignoring any slim potential of this affecting us. Level 4 and 5 merging to become regionalised makes sense. The amount of teams being in financial trouble in those league and the financial loses reported are mad. Unfortunately it takes something like the current situation for English football to actually make changes. Reducing the travel does also open up the possibility of clubs being part time in some shape or form.

    What will be interesting is the pool of players that becomes available this summer. Will clubs in league one/two be telling the manger they can have less senior players and need to use the youth team. All it takes is for half the clubs to trim squads by 2/3 players and the players dropping down the leagues become quite big.
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  3. Tiberius Anacrites

    Tiberius Anacrites New Member

    Depends on how much some of them think they will get in salary; there’ll be less money to pay them so they may have to think again... some have a inflated idea of their own worth.

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