National League clubs vote to end regular season immediately

Discussion in 'Hampton and Richmond Borough FC Unofficial Forum' started by Big Rich, Apr 22, 2020.

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  2. Lord Elpus

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    Common sense prevails at long last.
  3. Les 1949

    Les 1949 Member we have to wait for a vote on how to resolve the issues around promotion etc.
  4. Agree and this issue may well cause the greater argument.
  5. Lord Elpus

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    If you are looking for a highly entertaining read during lockdown, do indulge yourself with a look at the Wealdstone (yes, I'm a bit bored) forum... in all honesty and fairness it could be worse, given their usual sense of entitlement, but they have convinced themselves that making the season null and void is a non-starter.
    Bless. To paraphrase Mandy Rice-Davies, they would, wouldn't they?
  6. I think that the Premiership and Football leagues will endeavor to complete their seasons to resolve Promotion and relegation issues. Especially considering to amount of money involved especially in Premiership and Championship makeup.
    If it is decided not to replace Bury, then with some adjustments, Division 2 will be run with one less club. To replace them would be tricky in order to maintain fairness.
    Because of its voting structure the Conference National teams might want to maintain a closed shop as regards next season .
    A recent article from Paul Doswell highlights this and other issues clubs could be facing now.
  7. Tiberius Anacrites

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    Would be worth the playoffs being cancelled to watch the Wealdstone forum melting down; bunch of ‘entitled’ oxygen thieves, the lot of them.
  8. Lord Elpus

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    I genuinely can't decide whether I'd like to see them denied promotion because it'd be fun watching their forum spontaneously combust, or whether I'd just like them to go up so we are rid of their over aggressive, over entitled attitude. Hmmm, the agony of choice...
  9. Tiberius Anacrites

    Tiberius Anacrites New Member

    Am surprised they haven’t had someone reading and then quoting this thread, we all know they have an unhealthy fixation with HRBFC. Personally I would love to keep playing them and putting them in their place on a regular basis. Am surprised they aren’t affiliated to the London FA as then they could avoid playing us in County games, and that would calm them down...

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