1. James Dean

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    Looks like the new management/coaching team is in place now- Gary McCann, Fabio Valenti, and Ben Bukowski. All from Hendon.

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  3. Hendon have confirmed that the rest of Gary’s backroom team have also joined him at Beveree. So that’s Freddie Hyatt, Mark Findley and Dave Smalley. (Their roles are described earlier on this thread.)
    From what I understand, Gary will still run his taxi business, so he will not be full time, but it does give him time to do both.
  4. tony

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    Just need some players now!

    What happened to yesterday's interview?

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  5. Whatever the new manager achieves i dare say that in a few seasons time some fans will be saying 'Gary who' when he leaves the club.

    I'm sure that H&RB fans weren't that fickle pre 'glory years'. I think that the relatively recent success might have gone to some fans heads. :)
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  6. Nicebeaver

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    Just reading the Hendon FC forum, yet despite their Manager and backroom staff leaving the club for pastures new....there is nothing but dignity in their comments and thanking Gary for all his hard work with taking the club that may be "punching above it's weight" in the league - something that should be bourne in mind when thinking of the perilous league postion we were in a good few sesons ago before Dowse arrived and reflect on this. He did a great job for ud and wish him well.
  7. It’s always easier to get the support staff in than players. With the likelihood that the majority of last season’s players moving on, there will be plenty of vacancies. Would expect quite a few from Hendon.
    Perhaps the interview needs editing!
  8. Nicebeaver

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    Wow......so you are not upset then? That us told ! What is relevance and need to mention how long you have been a supporter - smacks of arrogance?

    Think you are living in a fluffy world, Deals are done and perhaps no one gives a toss about your hurt feelings.
  9. SteveM

    SteveM Member

    Some people need to stay away from forums if it upsets them to read opinions that differ to their own. Everyone on here is entitled to express how they themselves feel, it's called freedom of speech. No one on here is entitled to dictate to others how they should think or what they can or can't say -- no one.
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  10. A good Cockney slang?

    That will be a novelty in Hampton. it's more sloane ranger in Hampton than cockney.
  11. Whether you like it or not the club has changed and fans now are fickle. Yes i have moved away but you've still got a lot of H&RB matches to watch to catch up with the amount i've watched and that doesn't include the hundreds (yes hundreds) of 1st Team, Reserve, Youth and Women's team matches that i was in the dugout for.;)
  12. Lord Elpus

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    This "how many games" thing is clearly very important indeed to you isn't it... OK, so just to engage with that for a moment, I must have been to, at a guess, getting on for 1600 or so games give or take a few here and there, not that any of this is really relevant. And to suggest that anyone who you might deem a more recent fan might be more fickle is just nonsense and just a bit disrespectful if truth be told. Some of our more recent fans get just as much out of following the club as you did.
    And anyway, how has the club changed exactly? It's just as friendly as it ever was, possibly more so. Because it is more successful? Or just because you're a tad envious that we occasionally experience a promotion or a playoff? I really enjoyed the old Isthmian div 3 days but if anyone actually preferred them then I would say they were either afraid of crowds, hated change or were deluding themselves! But you're older than me aren't you? I guess you still yearn for the Surrey Senior League days.
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  13. Are there any plans for a Q and A meeting with the new manager before the season gets underway?
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  14. Brit

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    That tells you just how much of a shock the news of the Spain boss's Bernabeu appointment has been. Absolutely nobody was expecting it, and now there is fevered speculation about exactly why the news was broken three days before the national team's World Cup opener against Portugal, rather than being kept under wraps until after the competition. (BBC sport website quote)

    Deja vu
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  15. Now is not the time to judge Gary. Todate he has brought in several players some of whom were not in his first choice line up at Hendon. Whether they are up to Conference South standard remains questionable. Time will tell.
    I would hope that todate, he has not made too big a hole in the budget as he now needs to recruit the expensive players, especially in central defence creative midfield and strikers. I look forward to some good news .
  16. I read that a Q and A session with Gary has been fixed for 5th July at 7.30 pm.
    Could be interesting.
  17. It's seems as if it is important to you and therefore relevant otherwise why mention it?
  18. In my absence from that Q&A session perhaps someone could ask the new manager that after seeing some of the remarks on this forum re his predecessor and taking into consideration that that person was one of the most successful managers in the club's history how does he think he will be judged if he fails to equal that success?
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  19. A very "clever" question but also indicative of the negative attitude of the asker.
  20. You seem to presume what i think and unsurprisingly none of it is correct. If you really have to ask how the club has changed then i'm not sure how much of the club's history you actually know or understand. I could write a book about what i know about the club and supporters didn't have a clue about back in the day. Some of it is really amusing of what went on behind the scenes when the club weren't funded or had the backing they do now. It's great that things have changed but to forget the past first you have to know it.

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