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    He’s contracted to Hendon and would command a sizeable fee...
  2. Lord Elpus

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    Is there any link to those anywhere?
  3. Lord Elpus

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    I'd be happy if McCauley, Charles and Jelley re-signed. Macca works hard, Charles can be a handful and Jelley should never have been let go in the first place. Plus they have all played in the National League South...
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    I’d disagree. In my view only Macca adds value and is worth retaining. Charles doesn’t work hard enough. Jelley is a squad player, and it seems we’ve signed enough of those.

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  5. Now that’s the way to protect your assets. Keep your better players on longer contracts. Pity we did not do the same. No doubt some other club with money will step in!
    Assuming that Casey goes with Dowse so a fee will be paid . Might be used towards or just goes into the pot?
  6. Yes at bottom of this webpage under Beavers Trust then look up accounts and minutes.
  7. I must be financially inept as I can find no indication in these minutes of the playing budget for this year.
  8. Hampton mad

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    I cant find it.
  9. Lots of clicks involved, I'm afraid. Scroll down to the bottom of this page and click on Beavers Trust, then Beavers Trust Committee, then Financial Statements & AGM Minutes, then Minutes of 9th AGM.
    But having done all that and read the minutes, I can't see what SS is referring to about this year's budget.
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  10. If you read the minutes of last January you will see figures about the Trust putting money into the club which would have been incorporated in last season’s budget. Given the cash flow of the Trust, this was not very likely to be repeatable exercise. Therefore the potential effect on this season’s budget.
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  12. tracey

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    I don't come on the forum very much and reading some of the comments on here, I now know why.......What is amazing is that a very minute number of people can quickly forget all the good that Dowse and his team done for the club and community! All these negative comments completely over shadow what has been a great and exciting few seasons and all the positive good luck wishes etc that Dowse received after having a great send off at the end of season awards night.
    Seeing as a few of you seem to know the club, players and the content of games in the previous seasons quite well, I'm a bit baffled as to why you are not thanking Dowse for all the entertainment he has provided you!!
    This is someone that gave up his family time at home, evenings and days off to help those that asked, coaching kids, going into schools, fundraising for the club and other causes....I could go on!

    Whatever Dowse's decision was for leaving and where or when it happened is old news! Managers and players come and go and so that will continue. That's football!!!!!!

    Let's hope that those minute few put as much effort into promoting the new manager and his team as they do pulling apart one of best managers we've had on here!!

    If you really have nothing better to do in your spare time, may I suggest you put your name down for the volunteers working party weekend in July, time and energy well spent I'd say!
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  13. hrbfc__fan

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    Lord Elpus think you might want a listen to the Woking interview with Dowse, let’s say he’s not happy with you and has clarified your false accusations
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  15. Lord Elpus

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    Please see my message in its own thread and feel free to share with Dowse.
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  16. tracey

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  17. See mine too. Seems to me people are unable to differentiate between being happy with what Dowse did here and being unhappy with what happened with his leaving. They are different things.

    The club clearly couldn't survive without all the volunteer help, I know that better than my most as my old man has given up most of the last 30 years to the club. But does that mean his opinion on Dowse is more valid than mine? No it doesn't and we are at opposite ends of the opinion spectrum. I'm happy to be in the vocal minority on this one.

    I will absolutely be getting behind Gary and his new team by the way. Frankly I can't wait for pre-season to start so we can all move on from this sorry mess and enjoy some football. Which I will whether we win, lose or draw.
  18. Mawgan

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    What a BRILLIANT man (ager) Dowse is ! He took Hampton as far as he possibly could in the time he was here. His 100% commitment to our club was truly remarkable. I've never heard of or seen any manager who would RUN 10K to get funds for his club AND encourage others to do the same. His honesty and attitude to life was first rate, I put him in the same bracket with two other of my managerial heroes, whom I have had the honour to meet at earlier times in their managerial careers [namely the legendary Sean Dyche and Paul Cook!] possibly you may not have heard of them as they were once linked to that new Conference team Chesterfield FC! (thanks for that Cooky !)
    Dowse showed his appreciation for what all the club staff and volunteers were doing to keep OUR club as 'a legend' in the non-league football world. We are known as a welcoming, friendly club (even to certain clubs' supporters who don't really deserve it !!) He appreciated the pride that we and he had in giving all local and visiting supporters a good experience of a well kempt, tidy smoothly run, sociable club. From Tracey, to our ops/safety manager, 'our head gardener', groundsman, turnstile and kitchen and bar staff and the other numerous volunteers who made the place 'tick' Dowse knew us all and what we contribute and so had the 'whole club' and local community galvanised to make 'the dream' almost come true. If it hadn't been for a couple of poor penalties what an even more amazing end to the season it would have been!! Frightening!
    Dowse worked hard for us and deserves to 'move on' to further his career, he's earned the chance to do so. It's ironic that the 'BIGGER??' club that he has moved to was relegated to our LESSER league on the last day of the season. This gave the 'less critical' amongst us a reason to possibly just 'smile' about what mistress fate deals to individuals at various times in their life! Sorry Dowse to admit this might have happened !
    However it gives Alan a 'test of his managerial ability' straight away!' He will have to compete with the likes of the successful clubs in our league like Hampton&Richmond, Billericay Town, Dulwich Hamlet, Slough Town, Torquay United and all the other stronger teams who missed out on promotion last year who will be galvanised for success! It won't be easy.
    The one real criticism of Dowse that I have is that he didn't apply for and get the Chesterfield job! They have now been stuck with 'mad dog' Martin Allen to try to win back their Football League status. Mmmmmmmmm! He'll do it I'm sure of that, after all he managed to get Gillingham promoted didn't he John?
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  19. Adam

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    Thing is Dowse used the budget differently to how Gary wants to. Gary sounds like he wants have a settled squad of players. Whereas Dowse used the loan market. From what I heard we only played expenses for Dieng and Howes last season. A reasonable Goalkeeper I’d imagine will set you back maybe £300 a week. If you can save that and then offer 6 players an extra £50 a week which might be the difference between them signing or not then it sounds like it was the right way to go about things. With what I’d imagine was one of the smaller budgets in league especially at the start of the season. Think it went up during for the end of season push.
  20. Adam

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    Well Shaun won’t be re-signing. He’s joined k’s.

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