1. Nico Muir has been released by Hartlepool. Contract ends on 30/6/20.

    Would not surprise me if Jake Gray is in a similar position at Woking.
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    Niko looks decent but I didn't think he complimented our existing forwards that well. It may be a case of either-or, unfortunately.

    Would like to retain Inman, Wassmer, Ahmidi, Orsi-Dadomo, Hill, Farrell, Cox, Ruddick, Donaldson, Gray.

    Not so fussed about Miller-Rodney, Muir, Deadfield, McAuley (although he's a legend!), Lewthwaite or Coleman. Curtis-Henry is a promising keeper but I think there are a few knocking about at this level.

    There is no way of having a "next season's squad" thread without being blunt. :)
  3. Four players are under contract for next season.,Wassmer, Hill, Ahmidi and Lewthwaite , so they will be around next season.
    From what was said in the recent interviews, the club want to keep the majority of the squad. Signing players on in these uncertain times is difficult and most League clubs are still working out their retained lists which will have a bearing lower down the football pyramid both on their retention and recruitment .
    In addition there is an increased thought that players might have to accept more realistic expectations as to their future wages. With this background far less transfer activity is being reported.
    There is no reason why supporters should not speculate on retained list and possible signings as it does provide a topic of debate in this extended closed season.
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