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    For many people, following their local club is what football is all about, despite the lure of the Premier League, and for one Hampton fan, this is so true.

    Nick Levy, a sixth form college Head of Department by day, has followed the club since 1980. He started out as a West Ham fan but distance and cost meant that he gradually spent more and more time at Hampton games. Living in Sunbury, he goes to games home and away with his dad Eric and son Joe and decided the time was right to capture the true voice of the supporters of Hampton.

    “This isn’t the first time a book has been published about Hampton as another long term supporter wrote an excellent club history some years ago. However, as the club might be about to make a huge leap in stature I thought it was time that the voice of the supporters was captured in some way."

    "I couldn’t go round interviewing people at the ground because when I’m at games I get too absorbed and can’t stop shouting, just like everyone else. But social media has been a fantastic medium for nagging my fellow fans into putting pen to paper, or in most cases, fingers to keyboards. To start off, I put messages on the club’s supporter forum, asking people why they first went to a game there, what kept them coming back and if there were any particular memories that stand out."

    "The results, along with my own musings, are almost a piece of local social history and make an interesting read even to people who don't consider themselves committed fans. I’m giving all proceeds to the club as it has brought me so much pleasure over the years”

    The book is available on Amazon for £7.99. It is also going to be available in the club shop on matchdays for a special reduced rate of what Nick hopes will be around £6.

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