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  1. Les 1949

    Les 1949 Member

    With time on my hands have been doing some research on the Dev era. Thought this report might bring back a few memories........

    The line-up was;

    Lovett; Harper, Morley (Sodje,68), Connor, Paris, Wells, Inns, Godfrey, Yaku (Henry-Hayden,76), Quarm, Fernandes (Gardner,46).
    Not used ; Matthews & Boosey

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  2. Mucky knees

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    Where have all the regular forum posters gone???

  3. Lord Elpus

    Lord Elpus Member

    Ah, AFC WImbledon. The stuff I could write about them...(and I might just do that soon given the time I currently have!)
    That was a fantastic win over a club who, for a while, turned out to be real local rivals even though they always thought themselves far above us in terms of ability and stature, even when they were at our level and happy to nick players off us.
    The Dev years were fantastic. Loved every minute.
  4. David H.

    David H. New Member

    I remember that game very well. It's interesting to see that in the official history of AFC Wimbledon that they do concede that Hampton are their bogey team. Hampton were unbeaten in their six league meetings with Wimbledon.
  5. TW3Beaver

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    No football to talk about.
  6. TW3Beaver

    TW3Beaver Member

    Is there another book in the offing?

    Talking of which I've finally got around to finishing This Thing of Ours.

    Well done to all the contributors, and to you too Lord.
  7. Lord Elpus

    Lord Elpus Member

    Thanks TW3. "This Thing of Ours" was great fun. I enjoyed doing it and the contributions made it easy to pull together. I would like to write something else but as Les and Tony were thinking about doing a second club history type book (guessing they have started?) there isn't a lot of point at the moment. Will do something from a different angle to a linear style history book at some point.
  8. Les 1949

    Les 1949 Member

    Yes we have made a start. Due to social distancing we have split responsibility into different periods. I am concentrating on the Dev and McCann eras, Tony, the rest, there will also be some articles looking at the changes that have occurred during the past 20 or so years. Aiming to have it all done and dusted ready for August 2021, the Club's 100th birthday.
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  9. Tiberius Anacrites

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    It’s all HM’s multiple alter egos...

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