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  1. Les 1949

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    Chairman Jacques Le Bars provides an update on the latest goings on at the club
    Hello Everybody,

    Hope you are safe and well and starting to see some semblance of normality returning to your daily lives.

    Like everyone else we are adjusting to what the recent situation has changed and I want to thank everybody for their patience during the COVID-19 crisis, we have been trying to provide information as often as possible but obviously have to take our lead from the FA and National League.

    It was very disappointing that the season was cut short and as a result we couldn't cement our place in the playoffs which we were hoping to do. As a result we lost the final 4 home games at the Beveree which, aside from the 12 points the team missed out on, means the club missed out on critical income and our supporters missed out on football.

    As a board we are fully aware that this means season ticket holders may have been looking for some update on those lost games but it is a clear indication of how amazing our fans are, that we have not had a single request for partial refund, which in turn demonstrates the support and understanding the club has received during this pandemic. I would again like to extend a big thank you to all of you for that.

    However, we do appreciate that everybody’s circumstances are different so any season ticket holders who would like to discuss this further please send an email to me at chariman@hamptonfc.net and I’ll be pleased to follow up with you.

    This time of year we would already have been advertising next season’s pricing and it is so frustrating that we can’t currently do that. Unfortunately, without knowing when football is starting, what the season format will be or even how many games there will be, we cannot apply a pricing structure. Therefore, please can I ask for your continued patience and we will update you as soon as we are in a position to do so.

    In the meantime, please keep your eye on the website and our social media channels as we have some exciting events coming up to fill the gap before we can all safely return to watching our beloved Beavers back at the Beveree.

    Until then, stay alert, stay safe and as ever, COYB!!!!

    Jacques & the Board of HRBFC
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  2. TW2-Beaver

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    I disagree with this. I really think we need to release a pricing structure and start selling season tickets.

    We know that Hampton will be competing in a 22-team National League South. The FA have given a date of not earlier than Saturday, 5th September for league fixtures to begin. While the season may not commence on this specific date, we can assume a return to football in the near future after this point. If it turns out to be 5th September, then we are just over five weeks from the start of the season without any season tickets sold.

    If the concern is that some fixtures may be behind closed doors, then perhaps a clause could be added to the terms and conditions that fans are entitled to some kind of compensation if X number of fixtures are cancelled/not available to watch due to lockdown measures. Other than that, I don't really understand what the unknown is.
  3. Les 1949

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    One scenario that might be under discussion which would go some way to explain why no decision on pricing has been made.........
    Given a late start say in October what if the National League decided to adopt US style divisions and split into east and west sections with end of season play offs between the two sections. Could happen to further reduce travel around the country and contain spread. Would reduce the number of league games to be played with little need for midweek travel.

    Just a thought....
  4. I have not seen any thoughts on the lines that Les suggests. It might be that there could be some further restructuring in the next couple of seasons, perhaps stimulated by the finances of non league clubs!
    I note that some clubs are informing supporters of their season ticket prices (Chelmsford as an example). To ease cash flow problems, a deposit scheme could be introduced?
  5. Les 1949

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    Just my own thoughts on how to get round the new norm. The new US Baseball season which is starting next week is adopting a similar reduced, localised series of games playing 60 (instead of 154) league games, within the geographical AL and NL set up (East v East;Central v Central; West v West).
  6. TW2-Beaver

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    If we find ourselves in the unexpected position of having significantly less fixtures or a radically different league structure, then, of course, the club would need to offer some kind of compensation to season ticket holders (and as we have seen in 2019/20, hardly anybody would take the club up on such an offer). However, there is no indication that something like this will happen and in all probability, the league season will proceed with 22 teams.

    Ideally 2019/20 season ticket holders should be contacted and sold a new season ticket with the offer of a four-game reduction to the cost - most will not accept it. The reduction offer is actually the perfect sales pitch. I have my £180 ready and waiting to purchase my season ticket - take my money! :)
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  7. TW2-Beaver

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    Hemel Hempstead have also released their pricing structure. Interestingly they have reduced admission to £10 (£5 for NHS workers).

    I don't think this is a good business move. Beyond the short-term publicity, will it seriously boost their attendances? There is also an argument that £10 will make people pay with a note and receive no change, making them less likely to make purchases inside the ground. Breaking a £20 note makes you far more likely to spend the change.

  8. Jamie

    Jamie Member

    Hemel have just installed an artificial pitch, so if anyone pays £10 to watch they are doing well.
    I wouldn't pay to go an watch on that.
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  9. Hampton mad

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    Surrey championship cricket and Thames valley and many more Have made there leagues regional for this season. To reduce travel.
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  10. Mucky knees

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    HM a completely different format to last season 40 overs a side matches starting in two days time

  11. Lord Elpus

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    It may or may not be a good business move but it could be reflecting the fact that there could be a lot of financially hit people in the months ahead.
  12. tony

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    £10 seems incredibly generous so can only guess they are making up the lost revenue either by shareholder funding, new commercial income or possibly major budget cut. From the types of players they are signing, the latter looks to be part of the plan.
  13. Hampton mad

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    1pm start. East Molesey v Reigate i will be at. Why not get the Ferry over and watch it.
  14. Mucky knees

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    Not interested HM my game is starting at noon

  15. Hampton mad

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    Yes Esher v Sunbury at New road 12 noon.
  16. Big Rich

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    Don’t park the club car near the boundary - could get the windscreen broken.
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  17. Jamie

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    How refreshing it would be for a non league club to link their wage budget solely to reflect their gate income.
    More should follow suit.
    Getting paid, £500, £600, £700 etc to play part time is utterly ridiculous.

    No wonder some young "semi-pro" players don't even bother getting a 'proper job' these days.

    I remember the days of seeing Marcelo Fernandes running to get through the barriers to jump on the train with supporters on the way to a midweek step 2 play off final.
    Somehow it was more enjoyable supporting those sorts of players, who could still perform after a hard day at work.
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