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    This time an away game at Weston-super-Mare. Why? I'll get to that later!

    Okay, it's about 8.30am. Having an early morning cup of coffee in the Weston's Premier Inn. Phone rings. It's Nick. Can you get down to their ground as there's a pitch inspection and Dev wants to know if we should set of, need to know by 10am. So, drive to the ground, wander in just about the time the local ref arrives. we wander out. Pitch is frosty but perfectly flat. The sun is shining down out of a cloudless sky. Groundsman says it will okay by kick off. Local ref and club officials agree that the pitch will be playable by 3pm. I accept that they know the local conditions. Ring Nick at about 9.45, okay to go. Fancy a cup of tea? Thanks very much. Wife rings - where are you!!!!!

    Team arrives. Dev not happy. Match Referee Coggins gives the go ahead. Dev still not happy.
    Weston players don't fancy it. We win 3-0. Dev STILL not happy. Despite comprehensive win I get the famous Dev 'glare' :rolleyes:. Yes, those were the days!

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