Weston at home on Saturday.

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  1. Weston have been slowly climbing the table in recent weeks and currently look to have an outside chance of the playoffs.
    We need the win to keep up with the other title challengers, so it could be another tense game. Jolley and Wassamer missing. Good that the loans have been extended, we need selection options. Don’t see many changes in the starting line up unless Dowse changes the formation, Mulley or Baptiste looks the only main decision.
    Three points vital on Saturday, but it will not be easy.
  2. Lord Elpus

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    I will put my cards on the table and say this straight away about Weston. They are probably the most whining, play acting and referee intimidating side we come up against and that's saying something. I hope we beat them but you're absolutely right, they will be a tough side to beat.
    We have really missed Jolley since his injury and Wassamer is still out but thank goodness its the last game of his suspension. 3 points are a must.
  3. Rob Overfield

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    Possibility of some news for later today...
  4. Interesting comment Rob!
    From the midweek report, Dowse had a full squad to choose from except that Jolley was about a week off being considered, Wassamer has the final match suspension to complete.
    Could this mean a further squad change with perhaps an incoming player?
    Will await news, if any!
  5. SteveM

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    There's always a possibility of news Rob; there'll probably be some weather too
  6. Rob Overfield

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    Told you! Check the website...
  7. Well that’s good news that Ben has signed for the rest of the season.
    Not so good is that Coombes has gone to Welling on a permanent contract to 2020. He and Jeffers would have been a great pair!
  8. Lord Elpus

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    Good that Ben has signed but I thought that was announced last night.
    Welling must have money to burn if theyve signed Coombs for that long. Maybe they're throwing cash at it next season?
  9. Rob Overfield

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    Not officially, paperwork etc. Contract was only cancelled today by Bromley. Dowse speaks of things that will happen, not have happened.
  10. Welling are only just outside the playoffs this season. A few good results and they could be in the mix come season end. Coombes scored a lot of goals for them a couple of seasons ago, they rate him highly and perhaps see him as a promotion ticket.
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    3-1 Hampton. Thats it Start the club car Mr Barbel lets get out of here. Dartford lost 1.0
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  12. Weston started the game well and like to pass the ball around often involving their keeper. The first 20 minutes they looked a good team and took the lead with a neat move and powerful shot that gave Henry no chance.
    We had a couple of chances and slowing began to get into the game Bradley got onto a long through ball and steered it home. Jeffrey got a second latching onto a neat pass from Baptiste. We went near a couple of times but after the break we got more on top . Bradley got a third goal, which was perhaps keeper error.
    As the game wore on we had several close efforts and Weston defenders blocked a couple of certain goals on the line. One good save from Henry but a half where we were well on top.
    The attack is starting to get understanding and I thought both Baptiste and McAuley pressurized them in midfield.
    Onto the next ten games!
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    One game at a time SS one game at a time

  14. Rob Overfield

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    My impression of the third goal was that the keeper misjudged the power behind the shot and was slow getting down. He’ll not get a great player rating for that!
  15. Coombes got the only goal in their win today.
  16. New Convert

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    That was more like it. I felt that Hampton clicked today and was the best attacking performance for a while. Very impressed with Weston's style of football. Trying to play it to feet and everyone comfortable on the ball apart from the Keeper. Technically superb goal from Bradley and clinical from Jeffers. Brendan had a quiet game. Add Jolley and Wassamer and things look really positive for the run in.
    Bit worried that only 400 hundred odd turned up to see it. Reasons?
  17. Agent x

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    Yes disappointing crowd. Aside from WSM not bringing many I think we were victims of a day where you had Utd v Liverpool followed by 6 nations followed by Chelsea Palace. Many will have had a long day in the boozer I suspect.

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  18. Trainspotter

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    I went to the game today and really really enjoyed it, I only get to a few games as I tend to watch Walton Casuals. What is the situation if Hampton get promoted in terms of ground grading? I noticed the green seats were closed off and some in the main stand, is this part of improvement work being done? Also, how many go up, is it the top team and the 4 below in the play offs? Disappointing crowd today missed a really good performance. Such a great vibe about the Beaveree and friendly atmosphere.
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  19. cliffp

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    2 go up as in previous seasons. Top team automatically and winner of plays-offs.

    The difference this season is that play-offs are now contested by teams finishing in 2nd-7th place (assuming they have already met the ground grading criteria for the national league). There is no longer a chance for a team not finishing in the play-off places to be involved due to a team above being ineligible.

    4th vs 7th & 5th vs 6th with the winners of those respective ties facing an away game at teams finishing 2nd & 3rd. The winners of these ties then play-off for a place in the National League.

    We have a ground grading sufficient for National League football next season.
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  20. Trainspotter

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    Thanks cliffp - should be an exciting end to the season!

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